Father figure, was never home

So, trapped inside, I’m all alone

No one will understand

Why I can’t be a “real” man

Were you there for me, ever

I didn’t fucking think so

So, any fucking weather

I’m okay all on my own.



I ain’t ever rock Supreme.

Boy, what the fuck you mean?

How the hell you gonna let a label run your whole fuckin’ scheme?

Never in my life, would I let a name brand run mine.

And fuck buying a new watch; I’m already out of time.




It hurts me to see the things that you do for work.

It hurts to live inside this system, knowing what it’s worth.

Money is worth nothing to our soul on this Earth.

Because, what happens when the corporations fall into the dirt?

And our life is the only thing left, but that’s what really hurts.

What’s material worth, when you look inside yourself?

Real shit, what’s Instagram doing for your health?

Take away the social media, you’ve got nobody else.

Now that smooth, black, screen shows a reflection of yourself.

So, you look up to the stars and you start screaming for help.

But nobody answers, man, that’s the cards you’re dealt.