I don’t know

I am the kind of person that has problems with explaining how I feel. In my mind, I know how I feel. However, when I try to put it into words it just comes out as unorganized bullshit. I’m pretty sure I have a lot of problems; I haven’t been to the doctor to confirm it so it’s all speculation on my part.

I, for the most part, am a chill person. I like to hang out, listen to music, watch movies, write, and just overall chill.

Okay, while I am writing this, my friend sent me the link to a music video. After watching it and talking to her about it, my headspace is completely different than when I started writing. This is a good example of how my emotions change rapidly without me having much, if any, control.

I am contemplating deleting this but I might post it anyway. If for nothing else than to show how my mind goes places and I have a hard time expressing it.