Words are great. Words can single handedly talk someone off a ledge, whether it’s literally or metaphorically, or cause someone to get to that ledge in the first place. Kind of a pretentious way to start this but, eh, fuck it.

I think it is crazy how we have all agreed (in the English language at least) that certain shapes have sounds. If you see the letter “A” you know how that sounds. We have 26 of these shapes, and we put them together. When they are together their sounds combine, and mean something. If I say the word “chair” you picture a chair. It blows my mind when I sit and think about that. Consecutive sounds go through our brains and we know what others are trying to communicate with us. Not to mention the fact that by saying “chair” everyone will picture a different chair! What the fuck! You might see a stained oak wood rocking chair, creaking with every position shift. While Billy Bob might picture a white plastic chair with broken legs.

Coming back to the sounds of shapes and 26 shapes, think about books, movies, music, TV. We have 26 letters (in the English alphabet). 26 letters. That’s it. We take 26 letters and make masterpieces. The Godfather, for example, is my favorite film. Be it the book or the film, that story is told with only 26 letters. Puzo and Coppola created great works of art that makes you cry, clap and be filled with anger, all by using A to Z. That shit is crazy.